Teddy Bear Theme Park Launches in Beijing, China

There is a growing fascination towards western culture within Central and South-East Asian countries. The region has fast become a top destination for many tourists, as well as those studying in famous British universities. Britain particularly has long been a popular destination for Chinese travellers, and is a main destination for students overseas. If you had the chance to visit a piece of your favourite foreign country in your own homeland, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Earlier this year we were approached by a Chinese architectural company to partner with them in creating a teddy bear theme park. Thanks to The Great British Teddy Bear Company, Beijing citizens will now have a piece of Britain on their home soil. The city of Beijing will be home to the new Teddy Bear theme park that is looking to be rolled out next May. Our company, along with the Tenio Architectural firm is planning to invest almost $8 million dollars (about 50 million yuan) into the park so the citizens of China can have a top vacation spot in their own home country. The teddy bear park is hoping to attract 250,000 visitors annually. The huge teddy bear themed park will be located in Daxing district, which is about 30 km from Beijing.

The teddy bear park will have a great variety of attractions for Chinese visitors to enjoy all year round. Our bears, such as William Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, and Robin Hood will be keeping the parks visitors entertained. The bears will be turned into life-size characters that will be seen throughout the park, and even in a real life size Shakespeare theatre that is being built. The theatre will hold plays that are put on by our life-size bears, and people of all ages will be encouraged to watch them.

The teddy bear park will also come with a food court, which will be fully stocked with famous British foods and drinks, among them the famous fish and chips! Bears such as our Beefeater bear will serve these traditional British dishes to park visitors. Our Ceo and founder Paul Jessup said that the park will “give families of all generations a place to interact, create memories and have a British experience”

Being able to bring such fun to such a metropolitan area is something that we as a company, and the Chinese investors are very much looking forward to. After tasting a little bit of Britain, we hope that the experience will encourage many more Chinese citizens to visit Britain itself, to learn more about British culture, traditions, and education. Interestingly, as a company, we have also been experiencing a great demand for our teddy bears from China and South-East Asia recently. This is yet more evidence that the park will be a huge success and, most importantly, great fun for all it’s visitors.


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