You will need to be able to reason and apply logic if you are to succeed like me, the famous Sherlock Holmes. You will require many informants, helpful bears who are well connected to the naughty bears that you will need to seek out and expose. Catch them, and you too could become famous!

Mystery and intrigue surround my most famous cases, all solved by the use of simple logic and the assistance of my lifelong friend Dr Watson. Many naughty criminal bears have been brought to justice by my methods of deduction and the application of science. If you choose to play bear detective….beware of the naughty bears you may encounter!

I was born on 6th January 1854, so I am a very old and wise bear. I was created by the fictional writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I live at 221b, Baker Street, London with my friend Dr Watson. Many books have been written about the cases I have solved….perhaps the most famous of these is “The Hound of the Baskervilles” in 1901, or perhaps my first case called “A study in Scarlett”. You should read my books if you want to become a bear detective, they are an invaluable source of information.

Bear detectives around the world study my books to solve their own cases. There are many similarities to each case, but you must detect the special clues of your case to establish the bear truth. Find yourself a trusted Dr Watson among your accomplices. He will be an invaluable addition to your team and will perform the duties that you direct him to. During the case to find your bear criminal, you must piece together the essential elements of the case and then apply science and logic to find which bear is responsible for the crime.

On many occasions Dr Watson and I have travelled overseas to solve a mysterious bear case that no-one could detect. Dr Watson would be amazed at the way I was able to deduce the answer to the mystery……I would tell him, “Elementary dear Watson” when the puzzle was resolved.

Many thousands of bear detectives around the world now follow the Sherlock Holmes bible of solving mysteries. You can be a good bear detective if you work hard at school and pass your exams. A bear degree in criminology will be a requirement, but work in the field will enhance your bear detective credentials. You must wear your tweed stalker hat and utilise your magnifying glass to scrutinise the evidence you find. Your Calabash pipe will assist you when thinking long and hard to establish the conclusions of who dunnit! Criminal bears will try to put you off the scent but you will succeed by perseverance and scientific analysis of the evidence. I will be there with you, every step of the way………Good luck my trusted bear detectives!!

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