THE girl child education fund

The Great British Teddy Bear Company had a really simple idea, every time we sell a Florence Bear we help a child who has no one else to help them. We approached the International Nurses Foundation for ideas and were delighted to find that the Florence Nightingale International Foundation had a charity that did exactly that.

The Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF) is a signature initiative of Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF). They educate the female orphans of nurses in developing countries. Quite simply nurses helping nurses in the name of the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale.

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We made a promise two years ago to donate £2.50 from the sale of every Florence Nightingale Teddy to the Florence Nightingale International Foundation in support of The Girl Child Education Fund. With the help of GCEF the orphaned daughters of nurses in developing countries are getting back to school. We work in partnership with The International Council of Nurses’ member National Nurses Associations, to ensure that the money goes directly to education costs. Every girl in our program is paired with a nurse volunteer to monitor her progress at school and at home. When you buy a Florence Teddy Bear you are helping educate one of these girls.


The success of this partnership is best explained by our friend Mercy, a Kenyan GCEF graduate:

This program simply saved me from a life of eternal poverty. I am certain that if all the beneficiaries of this program were asked to stand and say thanks in their own sort of way, it would be such a teary affair because everybody would say that this program is a lifesaver. I say kudos to the Girl Child Education fund, its sponsors and all its well-wishers – thank you.”

Mercy Katindi Kithuku, Kenya