Robin Hood


Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in Medieval English folklore. A highly skilled archer, he is known for “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,” assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his Merry Men. Robin is wearing a Lincoln green faux suede tunic tied with a brown leatherette belt, which has a miniature-working buckle. Robins hat is finished with a distinctive pheasant feather found near his home in Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire. Our Great British Robin Hood teddy bear carries his own working long bow and in his leatherette quiver there is a single arrow. The arrow has been fitted with a safety suction cup so he can practice his aim with his teddy bear friends.

The Robin Hood teddy bear is another popular teddy bear on the blog section of British Teddies where you can find out what the teddy bears at British Teddies have been up to. The Robin Hood Teddy bear is another popular bear at British Teddies.

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Each Great British Teddy Bear is fully jointed and handmade from the highest quality plush and stands 28cm tall. Every Teddy Bear and their costume has been tested to exceed all international toy safety standards: EN71 1/2/3 & ASTMF 963 CPSIA

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Very nice Robin Hood teddy bear and definitely one of the best teddy bears on the market. Purchased as a gift to myself.    

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Hello my teddy friends, my name is Sydney and I am a soldier in the British army. I am here to tell you about the tough job I have in keeping all you little bears safe. I have served in her Majesty’s Armed Forces for 5 bear years now; it feels such as long time. I started my exciting career in the army when I was only 18 years old.

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2014-10-16 14:30:18
Pssst! Can you keep a secret? Greetings my little bear friends, it has been a while but I have been on the run. I have come out of hiding to tell you all about my bear adventures (but please don’t tell the Sherriff). That rotten bear Sherriff of Nottingham, he is such an awful teddy! He will do absolutely anything to capture me and my merry bear men! Well let me tell you all about his latest tricks. As I’m sure you know, (because I have been shouting all over the woods) I am in love.

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2014-10-10 09:48:27
Being the “I want, want, want “child I was I use to asking my mum for everything. Being the spoilt child I was I used to get one thing, play with it for a few weeks and then move on to something new. I suppose most children these days are similar but, as much as I love my mum, she didn’t half let me get away with a lot of things. We were shopping at the Trafford Centre and went into one of the departments stores which I think was Debenhams and they had a few teddy bears on offer and it was then I saw “TB” which was a brown teddy bear with dark brown paws and feet.