Rob Roy


Rob Roy the famous Scottish Highland folk hero and outlaw of the early 18th century, is sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood. Rob Roy is wearing his MacGregor Tartan designed by Gordon Covell of The Islay Woollen Mill for the film Rob Roy. This unique Tartan is based on the earthy colours, bright heathers and blue skies of the Scottish Highlands. The Highlanders Chestnut brown Tam O’Shanta has been finished with a dark blue pompom and his white cotton Ghillie Shirt has a V-neck, which reveals his “furry” chest. His leatherette belt has a working brass buckle and the tartan sash has been fixed in place with a pewter effect embossed button. We have hand stitched a leatherette pouch sporran with three tassels which hangs above his Kilt. The perfect MacBear for any Scotsman!

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Each Great British Teddy Bear is fully jointed and handmade from the highest quality plush and stands 28cm tall. Every Teddy Bear and their costume has been tested to exceed all international toy safety standards: EN71 1/2/3 & ASTMF 963 CPSIA

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